Our History

The Hermon Volunteer Rescue & First Aid Squad, Inc. was incorporated on February 15, 1968. This volunteer ambulance service has been in continuous service for over 48 years starting with a hearse style ambulance and several members. Hermon Ambulance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporate entity.

Over the first fifteen years, the service upgraded from one ambulance to two ambulances, albeit used, as the volume of calls increased. The early service lived in several locations about the Town as well, starting in a private citizen’s barn, the Town fire station, and the Town’s one room schoolhouse.

A new home for the service was discussed for a few years as the Town was growing and everything was getting tight in the fire station, etc. A new building was constructed with the help of a loan from the Farmers Home Bureau. A two bay building with office space, a bedroom, training room, restroom and kitchen facilities was constructed. This building served the service very well for the next 25 years.

After explosive Town growth in population and housing, as well as call volume, it was decided that some kind of renovation was needed, the two bay building needed to expand. It was decided to double the size of the building moving to four bays, three bedrooms, two restrooms, expanded kitchen facilities, expanded trainings room facilities, expanded office and day room space, locker room, medical supply storage area and a new billing office. New construction in the new addition and a complete remodel in the old section. This building will serve many years into the future.

We are a licensed EMT service permitted to the Paramedic level. This service currently has 3 Type III trucks, 1 Type II truck, 1 Fly car and 1 Type III backup truck. This service does 900 calls a year and has 30 rostered members. We are always looking for new members to help, aid and assist with our mission. Are you ready to help?